"Having the chance to make an impact on the lives of our students is of paramount importance to me.  We have become so detached from the origins of our food, family dinners, and the like. To work with them to bring that knowledge full circle, and to make sure they have the fuel to learn, that is why I do what I do."
"Every child, every day...
That's what always comes to mind when I'm headed to work.  Do what you can for every single child each day to ensure they are well fed, happy, and safe."




"We love creating opportunities for children, families, and communities to learn more about food. From food demonstrations to nutrition educations, we have engaged our audience to work toward healthier habits. Be part of our endeavors to help your community be healthier one bite at a time."

Jennifer Holmes, BGHS

Our folks make hard work look easy because of the teamwork they maintain.

Each of us is but a single piece of the puzzle that is Chartwells @ Beech Grove!

Jennifer was nominated by her manager for a HERO award for her Can-Do Attitude and always going above and beyond her duties to help make sure everything exceeds expectations.

We simply could not do what we do each day without our teammates.  Their tireless commitment to the students we serve makes us proud every single day.

Meet Our Managers!

Melissa Schlicher, BGHS

I love my job because I love to cook and learn new things. I love the interaction with the kids, and to see them try new foods for the first time.

Katie Sexton, BGMS

Sarah Wall, SGIA

Shiloh Jenkins, CES

Sheila Davis, HPES

I started working for Chartwells last August since that time I have moved up in the company. What I enjoy about working here at Beech Grove Schools is the students as well as ensuring that they receive a healthy balanced meal on a day to day basis. I enjoy talking to the students during lunch hour to get their input on the meal we have prepared for them. They are the reason we are here !!!

I love what I do because I love kids and it is so important for them to have a hot and healthy meal for lunch. It should be served with a smile and a thank you for eating with us. I appreciate all of them always.

I began my journey with Chartwells a year ago and have fallen in love with every aspect in ensuring children are getting the nutrition they need.  Knowing I am making a difference in the children's lives, even if it's small, means the world to me.

I work because I love who I work with and love the kiddos. I feel complete when I am working and the feeling I get knowing that I have done my job for my kids and family.  Learning new things everyday and providing for people is what I love to do.

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