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Cafe Tastings

We have a unique ability to deliver nutrition advice and culinary trends in a way that resonates with students.  Under this program, guest chefs make planned visits to our cafes, demonstrating healthy meals and introducing and celebrating new foods.​

Discovery Kitchen

Interacting with students in a more direct fashion, either through culinary instruction or group participation can really drive home new ideas or challenge old ones.

Enhance Curriculum

Coupling Culinary or Nutrition instruction with your curriculum can help enhance students' understanding of certain material or create an opportunity for engagement. Add a new dimension to your lesson plans!

Class Projects?

Are you in need of assistance with a class project?  We can help take your project to the next level!

The more time we spend teaching students about nutrition, the origins of our food, gardening, and community service, the better hope we have for the future.

Our Chef and Dietitian can help mold your students and prepare them for work in the food industry. We can help them develop a strategy for success.


Nothing gives a student a better glimpse into the rewards and challenges of working in a real world scenario than pushing up their sleeves and digging in to the real thing!


Our chefs and dietitians have created a wealth of nutrition education materials for all seasons of a garden including lesson ideas for educators, gardening tips, fun facts and recipes. 

Building "Character"

Did you know that Chartwells has a team of "folks" that can help add a spark of imagination to your school event?

Meet Theodore,Sydney, and Ava!

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