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"Having the chance to make an impact on the lives of our students is of paramount importance to me.  We have become so detached from the origins of our food, family dinners, and the like. To work with them to bring that knowledge full circle, and to make sure they have the fuel to learn, that is why I do what I do."
"The aspect of working in schools that I really appreciated when I was first exposed, was the sense of community that food brings with it.  Food really pulls people together and it makes you feel good to interact with kids when they are appreciative of a meal." 


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Throughout my journey as a Dietitian, my primary focus has been in the realm of childhood nutrition and wellness. My mission is to make nutrition not just nourishing, but also a joyful and delectable experience for students, faculty, and their families. "Food is our common ground, a universal experience." - James Beard

Our folks make hard work look easy because of the teamwork they maintain.

Each of us is but a single piece of the puzzle that is Chartwells @ Beech Grove!

Meet Our Featured

"Piece of the Puzzle"    ---->

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We simply could not do what we do each day without our teammates.  Their tireless commitment to the students we serve makes us proud every single day.

Meet Our Managers!

Kelli Worthington, BGHS

I started working here to work around my kids' school schedule, and I enjoyed the job and I enjoyed the people I work with.  I like being around the kids and their energy.  I like knowing that they've been fed and it makes me proud to have helped make that happen.

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Sandra Brewer, BGMS

Amanda Morrison, SGIS

Lana Wiseman, CES

Michelle Yeary, HPES

It is important to me to work with children in food service because it combines two things I am passionate about- kids and food! I enjoy getting them to try new foods they might not have access to at home, such as jicama and blueberries with balsamic vinegar and fresh thyme. I also try to make sure our children with food allergies feel included by making them allergy-friendly meals as close as possible to what their peers are eating. 

Feeding and seeing all their little faces everyday brightens my day! I love knowing I get to be a positive influence for these young ones in their everyday lives. 

I like to work in the kitchen because I enjoy cooking and I like knowing that kids get to enjoy a good hot meal while they are here. 

I love kiddos and knowing we are feeding them everyday, and seeing them smile.

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